Campaign Issues

The recall election, which is to be held on November 3 of this year, centers on a mistruth that is intentionally being spread. That mistruth is that the acquisition of the El Conquistador Country Club was a “back room deal” and no public input was gathered. Here are the facts: It is a requirement of our State law that we provide public hearings. As a result, everything was discussed in an open public forum and the public was given the opportunity to express a variety of views pertaining to the acquisition of the El Conquistador Country Club and the half cent sales tax.

The increase is not applied to groceries gas or medicine. It amounts to ten cents on a twenty dollar purchase. A significant amount of the revenue comes from non-residents. The business chamber board was in support of this increase.

Through the recession and two election cycles we have earned a reputation for sound practices and fiscal responsibility. We now have a surplus after inheriting a deficit of three million dollars. Under our leadership, the Town of Oro Valley is recognized for investing in roads, preserving public safety, enhancing parks and recreation facilities, and providing basic services at an affordable cost.

In addition to Tohono Chul Park, the Oro Valley Children’s Museum, the Aquatic Center and developing Naranja Park, Oro Valley now has a Community Center. As your mayor, I ask that you vote for Hiremath, Hornat, Snider and Waters.

"It's time WE make a difference!"